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Learn the Art of Overtone Chanting in Dubai

This interview introduces Overtone Chanting, one of Kim’s voice techniques. The journalist captured parts of Kim’s journey with her own voice, the background that eventually filled her toolbox as a vocal coach…

Published in the UAE newspaper, The National, June 2015 –

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5 Guidelines for the Master Trainer

How do you distinguish between a good trainer and a great one? The trademark of the MasterTrainer is expanding what is possible, not an easy task…
With 18 years of experience as a workshop leader, Kim has gathered 5 guidelines that help you stay sharp and attuned as a trainer.

Published in TRAINING MAGAZINE Middle East, September 2014

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The Unknown Messenger: Our Voice

The voice has a huge impact on how our message is perceived. Yet, as communicators, we are often unconscious of our inhibitions.
This article looks at how the voice is unique as a communication tool, containing an immense potential that is waiting to be unleashed when we start working with it…

Published in the Spanish newspaper Lanza & the webpage of engineering construction company Vertisub Group, August

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Reflections From a Career Journey

In 2007 Kim was invited to be a guest speaker at an internship program, founded to inspire students to pursue their career dreams. She was asked to answer these questions:
How did you get to where you are today? What are the keys to your success? What advice would you give the students?

Talk delivered at Dream Careers, Global Internship Programs, Barcelona, July 2007 –

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On Emotions and Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking is a widely spread phenomenon. How come it’s so scary?
This article provides an analysis of what happens when we’re standing in front of an audience, some useful examples of how to handle our emotions, and a specially designed preparation exercise to help you give your best… 

Published by infonomia, the largest Spanish speaking innovation services company, May 2007 –

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Innovation From Within

When living in Barcelona, Kim was asked to design an innovation workshop for one of the Master programs at ESADE.
This article introduces her approach, which involves shifting from the linear and analytical left-brain hemisphere into the simultaneous and holistic right-brain hemisphere, where the creative flow is generated.

Published in the Hospitality Syndicate, an organization for global hospitality & tourism, May

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Overtone Chanting with Kim A Page

1:48 min

This ancient voice technique helps you connect with your own unique sound, exploring your voice in a new way. The participants share what the workshop experience is giving them.

Dubai Women’s Voices

2:30 min

Dubai Women’s Voices was founded in January 2015, here are some glimpses of a weekly rehearsal. If you would like a mini-concert at your next event, party or launch, please contact choir-leader Kim here!

Communication Skills : Voice

1:54 min

What is the worst thing you can do with your voice when you communicate? And what is the ideal? Watch this video for 3 tips about what you can do to improve your voice as a communication tool.

Communication Skills: How to Improve Your Body Language

2:48 min

What do hippos, monkeys and CEOs have in common? Watch this video for 3 tips about what you can do to enhance your leadership behaviour on a nonverbal level.

Communication Skills: Pitching

1:53 min

How can you make your pitch effective and convincing? Watch this video for 3 tips about what you can do to convince potential investors.

Communication Skills: Confidence

3.41 min

When you are launching your own ideas into the world, you need a lot of confidence to dare and to persevere. Watch this video for 3 tips about how you can charge up your confidence batteries…

Communication Skills: Networking

2:27 min

Networking can be such a waste of time, as you move from one event to the next. Watch this video for 3 tips about how to use your networking moments effectively.

Making Presentations Unforgettable

10:27 min

From a guest lecture for the Silicon Valley Tech Forum at the Oracle Campus in Santa Clara in 2011. In this talk, Kim introduces the Contract Between the Speaker and the Audience as a way to avoid the pitfalls as a speaker.

Five Speech Preparations Secrets

9:27 min

From a guest lecture for the Silicon Valley Tech Forum at the Oracle Campus in Santa Clara in 2011. In this talk, Kim gives away which steps to prepare first and why…

Innovation From Within – Workshop

2:19 min

What are the foundational prerequisites for organizational innovation? Kim shares how she started giving innovation workshops and the most important components of her design, helping the participants expand their comfort zone.

Answering Tough Questions During a Job Interview

1:12 min

We all fear those tricky questions we don’t have an immediate answer to during an interview and it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to make it up on the spot. Kim explains why this might not be the best approach…

Controlling Your Nerves

1:32 min

When we get nervous, the nerves travel upwards through our bodies, making us more and more tense and in worst-case scenarios, giving us a blackout. Here are some hands-on tips we can use to make the situation better for ourselves while making our presence more attractive for people around us.

Appearing Confident During a Job Interview

1:24 min

Inspired by zoologist Desmond Morris, Kim talks about aspects of leadership behavior in the realm of nonverbal communication. Find out what signals reveal high versus low status and how they affect our interactions.

Being Authentic – During the Job Interview

1:24 min

Why is it so important to be yourself during a job interview and what are the recruiters really looking for? Kim shares a tip about what you can do to prepare yourself.

Voice Tips for Speakers

5:41 min

This video offers a fast-paced stream of nuggets about tone of voice, the effect of a full-body voice, how you can become aware of your voice and more…

Voice Tips for Virtual Meetings

2:18 min

When we don’t have facial expressions and body language to support our stream of communication signals, our voice takes over as the main nonverbal vehicle. This creates some challenges, and here’s what you can do…

Vocal Elasticity

3:27 min

These languages are great examples of how the placement of sound production in the throat affects the pitch of a language and so, both how we sound and ‘who we are’. Kim speaks Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, demonstrating vocal elasticity.

The Unknown Messenger – Our Voice

58:56 min

Recorded webcast from a guest lecture at Carnegie Mellon University in Silicon Valley. Interactive talk about vocal inhibitions, what vocal elements can be trained, advice for voice usage during audio interface and more…
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Las Voces sin Límites – The Choir of EOL

6:54 min

As a token of gratitude to Ejecutivas Online, Kim founded and led the EOL choir with women from the network. After rehearsals throughout the spring of 2007, they celebrated with this summer concert, singing songs of the world.

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