Kim A. Page has given courses and individual classes as well as initiated and conducted creative processes with teams and clients since the beginning of the 90's.

In her work, spanning over the area of personal and professional expression and communication, her fingerprint is the ability to create an atmosphere where the participants are granted the courage and given the tools to dare go somewhere they haven't been before, enabling them to produce new results through hands-on experiences.

With a background as an expressive artist, giving concerts and performing, Kim masters stage presence, creating and maintaining contact with the audience.

Starting out with a Degree in Dramaturgy, the study and practice of how to conceptualize narrative and dramatic elements in a story on stage and in writing - she has also been trained in the disciplines of Voice Techniques, Creative Writing, Pedagogics and Management Communication, providing a rich set of practical tools to apply when working with clients.

Transmitting an international imprint, Kim has lived and worked in Scandinavia, Germany and Mexico before establishing her base in Barcelona. She is a native English speaker, also working in Spanish.

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